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Financial Modelling is one of the niche skills required for a successful career in the Financial Industry. Its application is widespread in Banking, Analytics, Investment Banking, Risk Management and Project Appraisal. Complex financial problems can be solved using one or more tools and functions in Excel. This course aims to make it simpler, and more relevant and comprehensive, such that students and professionals across the industry could benefit from it.

What Will You Learn

  • Excel and its key functions
  • How to use Excel to solve key problems in the Financial World
  • Dashboards, Charting, Analysis, Reporting tools
  • Usage of Excel in Portfolio Optimization, Valuation Modeling, Financial Planning
  • Project Finance


  • You will learn and apply 90% of the most commonly used excel functions
  • You will learn where to use what functionality of Excel
  • Lots of practice on key concepts
  • Recognition across campuses and industry


  • Microsoft Excel

About the Instructor

  • Parth Parikh

    Parth Parikh

    Have worked in the financial services industry for around 8 years now, and main areas of work have been Sector Research, Risk Management, Financial Modelling and Wealth Management.
    Involved in the developoing content as a part of training in various Organizations like Kotak Securities, Motilal Oswal, Nippon Mutual Fund(erstwhile Reliance Mutual Fund), JPMC, Crisil.

Course Content

  • Basics of Formatting

  • Formulas

  • Data Formatting

  • Conditional Formatting Part 1

  • Conditional Formatting Part 2

  • Conditional Formatting Part 3

  • Conditional Formatting Part 4

  • Conditional Formatting Part 5

  • Sort and Filter

  • Error Handling

  • Bar Chart

  • Line Chart

  • Pie Chart

  • Combo Chart

  • Text to Column

  • Cell Referencing

  • Table to Range

  • IF and NESTED IF

  • IF with Other Functions

  • Error Functions



  • Debugging

  • Name Manager and INDIRECT


  • Date and Time Functions

  • Text Functions Part 1

  • Text Functions Part 2

  • Logical Functions

  • Bullet Chart

  • Bubble Chart

  • Waterfall Chart

  • Thermometer Chart

  • Normalization of Indices

  • PV, FV and CAGR

  • PMT and Loan Amortization

  • Depreciation

  • NPV, IRR and XIRR

  • Forecast

  • Descriptive Statistics

  • Rank and Percentile

  • Smoothening and Cyclicality


  • Histogram and Moving Average

  • Regression

  • Pivot Tables

  • Pivot Charts

  • Pivot Slicers

  • Goal Seek

  • Solver

  • Data Table

  • Dashboard Part 1

  • Dashboard Part 2

  • Dashboard Part 3

  • Financial Statement Linkages

  • Application Modelling Part 1

  • Application Modelling Part 2

  • Application Part 1

  • Application Part 2

  • Application Part 3

  • Application Part 4

  • Application Part 5

  • Application Part 6

  • Part 1

  • Part 2

  • Part 3

  • Part 4

  • Part 5

  • Part 6

  • Part 7


The course will have an online assessment. The final Certification will be an open Online test, which would be untimed, and open book. We would try and keep the assessment as close to a real life situation as possible, where you will have all the tools that you would have in real life at your disposal.

In addition, the course also has an optional live project. This will help you apply the concepts learnt into a real world example. You will be asked to build a valuation model for an Indian firm from scratch.



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