Analyst Program 2022 8 weeks Cohort Program

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Wealth Management Certification

  • Learn the skills to succeed in Wealth Management

  • The in and out of Mutual Funds

  • Manage others / own wealth

Rs. 8,400
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Financial Modeling Certification

  • Learn Advanced Excel Concepts

  • How and Where to use Key Functionalities in Excel

  • Learn Applications of Excel across Finance

Rs. 8,400

Bestseller amongst 2nd year MBA students -
Equity Valuation


AR10 - Annual Report Sprint Batch 4 Waitlist

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Equity Valuation + Investment Banking + Credit Analysis

  • Peek into the world of IB, PE, VC

  • Build Valuation Model on 3 different listed companies

  • Build Credit Evalaution Model on 3 different listed companies

Rs. 16,400

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Finance Bootcamp Free for Registered Users

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Applied Economics Certification

  • Understand the key macroeconomic concepts

  • New Recorded Video every month for 12 months to discuss latest developments in the macro environment

  • Case Study on Indian Macro Releases

Rs. 8,400

Applied Financial Statement Analysis Certification

  • The most comprehensive course on Financial Statement Analysis in India

  • Live Project with FinShiksha

  • Decode Financial Ratios and the story behind them

Rs. 8,400
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Finance Essentials – Banking & Markets Certification

  • Learn the Building Blocks of Finance

  • Live Project with FinShiksha

  • Understand the Financial System - Banks and Markets

Rs. 8,400
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Investment Banking Certification

  • Peek into the world of IB, PE, VC

  • Live Project with FinShiksha

  • Valuation of startups, M&A

Rs. 8,400

The Art of Stock Picking and Long Term Investing

  • A detailed course on the concepts of Fundamental Investing

  • Stepping stone for the self investing journey

  • Practical exposure to investing case studies

Rs. 8,400
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Applied Financial Statement Analysis + Finance Essentials – Banking and Markets

  • The most comprehensive courses on FSA and Finance Concepts

  • Learn the Building Blocks of Finance

  • Understand the Financial System and Learn to Decode Annual Reports

Rs. 12,400

Applied Derivatives Certification

  • A Practical guide to Derivatives and Options

  • Live Project with FinShiksha

  • Understand Option Trading Strategies and Risk Management

Rs. 8,400

Credit Analysis Certification

  • The most comprehensive course on Credit Analysis in India

  • Live Project with FinShiksha

  • Build Credit Evaluation Models on 3 different listed companies

Rs. 8,400
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Equity Valuation + Credit Analysis

  • Build Valuation Model on 3 different listed companies

  • Build Credit Evaluation Model on 3 different listed companies

  • Live Projects with FinShiksha

Rs. 12,400
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Investment Banking + Credit Analysis

  • Peek into the world of IB, PE, VC

  • Build Credit Evalaution Model on 3 different listed companies

  • Live Projects with FinShiksha

Rs. 12,400
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Equity Valuation + Investment Banking

  • Peek into the world of IB, PE, VC

  • Build Valuation Model on 3 different listed companies

  • Live Projects with FinShiksha

Rs. 12,400

Webinar Events

Past Webinars


Workshop – Deep dive into Payment Tech and Lending Tech

  • Sat 11th Dec 2021
  • 3:00 pm - 5:15 pm (5 hours )
Rs. 1900

How VC funds evaluate SaaS Businesses

  • Sat 10th Jul 2021
  • 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm (2 hours )
Rs. 700

MBA Finance Starter Pack –
For 1st Year Students and Aspirants

  • Sat 19th Jun 2021
  • 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm (1 hour )

Best Plans for Webinar

  • Single Plan

    Rs. 700 onwards
  • Quadra Plan

    Rs. 1,400 / 6 month
  • Octo Plan

    Rs. 2,400 / 1 year

We have Courses for Graduates, Post-Graduates, Working Professionals

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Our Courses

Our Corporate Partners

We partner with Companies to provide opportunities for our students and also to train the employees.

  • O3 Capital
  • PPFAS Mutual Fund
  • India Ratings
  • Mitraz
  • Siguler Guff
  • Allegro
  • Senora Advisors
  • Carpediem Capital
  • ePayLater
  • Alpha Alternatives
  • Cilix Capital
  • HomeCapital
  • Motilal Oswal
  • Scripbox
  • Sistema
  • Zanskar Advisors

Our Alumni

  • Alumni 1

    Dhiraj Bedi

  • Alumni 1

    Prasad Patil


Achieve World Class Learning

We are focussed on a single objective of providing quality content for anyone who wants to build a career in Finance.

  • High Quality Content curated and delivered in-house by CFA, IIM Alumni
  • Industry Connect - providing employment and mentorship opportunities
  • Application of Concepts through Live projects
  • Career Role based Certification Courses endorsed by Companies
About Us

Top In Class Advantage

User friendly platform for a great learning experience

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  • Seamless access to courses across devices

  • Well structured interface to navigate through the Course content

  • Creating a self-study environment with great features

  • Tracking progress of Course completion till Certification

Students Testimonials

Vasu Tada
Rajat Chaturvedi
Nihar Akunuri
Debanjana Biswas
Arpit Gokhroo
Rajat Kher
Vedant Shirude
Yogesh Rewatkar
Aditya Jasani
Amisha Sikri
Gaurav Khandelwal

The experience was really good. The indepth analysis of the drivers of business and the thought process behind those was something which I found comprehensive and helpful.

Vasu Tada SIBM Pune

The videos on current fiscal and monetary policies, along with a look into different career options was very helpful. The course as well as the Learning Championship provided me a great headstart as well as confidence for preparing for various financial roles for my Summer Placements. Securing a good rank boosted my confidence, and the live projects provided me a lot of insights which I didn't have earlier from classroom courses.

Rajat Chaturvedi IIM Ahmedabad

The course uses Indian financial statements to extend learnings from theory. As a person who likes to extend learning from every source he can get, this was a good way to do that in terms of financial learning. It helped me revise everything about FSA and corporate finance for final placements.

Nihar Akunuri IIM Bangalore

The explanation given by the faculty continuously and automatically related each area to the real world application. I felt more comfortable after going through the videos as the approach adopted seemed very much in sync with a greenhorn like like. They helped me in my subject CFRA immensely. The key area of importance being the ability to relate to the use of the concepts to business.

Debanjana Biswas IIM Calcutta

Finance was a new field for me. However, the practical way to understand the concepts demonstrated by both exams and live projects helped me appreciate the course. With the help of live projects it's has helped me appreciate the reading and understanding of financial statements by companies and make much better meaning of them.

Arpit Gokhroo IIM Calcutta

The course has provided me with more talking points in interview. The analysis of ratios, costs, debt, working capital and other external factor to determine credit rating for a company were something taught in course which helped me during interview.

Rajat Kher JBIMS

One thing that I love about Finshiksha courses is that a course is not stretched far. They are concise and explain important concepts in a very lucid manner. The content of the course was very much equivalent to what we might learn in corporate world. The most important thing that I loved about FinShiksha is their test. The open book test is a great concept and it is definitely a long test which demands your concentration and tenacity. The team support was also great, all my doubts were addressed within 48 hours.

Vedant Shirude SIMSREE

The content was more industry application based which is quite different than other courses. The industry application approach of learning is very helpful which will eventually help us in the placements. The instructor's way of teaching is very fluent and easy to understand.

Yogesh Rewatkar IIM Sambalpur

The course was very well designed and informative at the same time. It didn't just focus on explaining the concepts but also made us do exercises to grasp at the basic concepts first then work towards making an elaborate model. The support from the team was great as they were easily approachable. The content of the course could be viewed multiple times which made it way more easier to follow and the pace at which the videos were played made it easy for me to follow the entire course easily.

Aditya Jasani XIMB

The course completion experience was great and full of learning. The content and the excel exercises helped a lot in knowing the practicality of the concepts taught in the equity valuation domain. However, the support provided was responsive on mails, but it would be better if the doubts asked on the comments section after every video could be answered there. Sector specific multiples was completely new to me. Also, the other concepts were explained in a more easier way which had a lasting impact on me.

Amisha Sikri IMI Delhi

It was definitely one of the best courses i had done online and the the videos are clear and crisp without any confusion. The support from the team was amazing and the team promptly responded whenever needed.

Gaurav Khandelwal KJ Somaiya

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